This Week In Social Media: Twitter's Ban On Abusive Tweeters, Instagram Investigates Hacked Accounts, Facebook's “Create To Convert” Tool and More

This week there have been many interesting events, major social media outlets released some fascinating updates that have caught our attention. Following is an interesting precise summary of some noteworthy happenings:

YouTube promoting the latest Twitch-like features: Top creators on the site are being paid a hefty sum to promote the new features, revealed Bloomberg recently. These features include monthly subscription service, merchandising programs, and Super chat.

In the words of a report by Bloomberg “the amounts range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars” and their contracts “don’t require [creators] to post only on YouTube, but they do prohibit them from posting first on competitors’ sites.”

Facebook is testing a new way to help users follow breaking news coverage: There has always been the issue of highlighting the trending stories when it comes to Facebook. Instead, Twitter has always borne the torch when it came to such qualities. But it looks like Facebook has some plans here, the social network is working on a new feature that will enable the users to stay updated with a particular breaking news story.

Ads manager app on gets new and creative tools on Facebook: These tools were initially released in July. These were helpful in creating compelling ads with the use of a mere device only. These tools had the ability to crop images, add stickers, logos, and incorporate texts among many other interesting things. Also, pleasing filters, customizable ad templates, and color filters are available to be even more creative with the idea of your ad.

Vidpresso becoming a Facebook property: The social media company, Vidpresso, made up of seven people in total, has been acquired by the social media giant, Facebook to enhance the live video experience of its users. This company is focused on making the online videos interactive which includes the services of on-screen polling on social media, as well as comments, graphics, also the live broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope among many others.

Vidpresso itself announced that its services are simple and in a high quality, and becoming a Facebook daughter company helps it to “build tools for everyone to create interactive live video experiences.”

Ads for stories on Facebook: The tests for this feature began early this year in may, in US, Brazil and Mexico and the first stories with ads in them were put up. These stories were about 5-15 seconds long, skippable and weren’t supported by calls to action or by click-thoughts.

Still-image can now be converted into video ads on Facebook: Creative Shop’s creation, by the name of Create To Convert now lets the users to convert their still image-ads into lightweight videos of a few seconds. It's “an easy framework to add lightweight motion to still images to create more compelling and effective direct-response ads.” This service is available for businesses, small and big, helping them with more creative motion ads.

Twitter Is On A Hunt To Remove The Accounts That Escaped SuspensionTwitter is adamant to remove the accounts that are problematic for the users and cause a bad name for the platform in general. The company is out on a hunt for the accounts that were previously suspended over misconduct or abuse. The owners who have made another account and would try their malicious acts again on the forum will have a tough time in maintaining their presence as of now.

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Social Media Weekly Updates: Twitter's Ban On Abusive Tweeters, Instagram Investigates Hacked Accounts, Facebook's “Create To Convert” Tool and More
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