Instagram Is Personalizing The Public Polls On DMs

If you have found it difficult to share your opinions and thoughts out in the open, apart from the close circle of friends, sharing Instagram Polls must have been an issue for you, no matter how hard you’d wanted to have them. Well, this issue has now been addressed by the company as it rolls out the update for the feature citing that now you can send these very renowned Polls directly to the selective people that you’d want to interact with.

This more customized option for polls makes it easier, and less public, thereby, less troublesome for the users to share their opinions around without causing any major argument.

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All you have to do is select the option to put the poll sticker and select the people that you would want that poll to go to and it will be directly messaged to them. You no longer need to put it on your story as a display for everyone’s opinion to be heard on the subject.

This update has been enabled from today and in a way, this could be a bigger facility than the initial feature of Story Polls.

Instagram now lets you send private polls through Direct messages

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