Instagram Under Pressure as More and More Accounts Get Hacked

As people, especially celebrities, have resorted to using Instagram more than other social media, the platform has seen a sudden surge in the number of hacked accounts. The domain is currently dealing with this issue, and has been taking several steps to tackle it. Recently, Instagram published a blog post, which highlighted the steps one should take in order to deal with suspicious activity happening regarding their accounts. In the note, it was mentioned that:
  1. Users should rely on using more strong passwords. The 6 digit code should be unique, and should involve a series of symbols, as well as numbers and letters to impede attempts at phishing. Moreover, it was advised that users keep different passwords for different social media. 
  2. It was also recommended that if Instagram notifies a user regarding a change in email address provided by the user, and if this action had not been initiated by the user himself/herself, the user should immediately sign in to update passcode. 
Instagram conveyed that it is working on improving its two-step verification process. Hopefully, it will soon be done, and the platform will once again become more safe and secure.

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