Facebook Tests For Keeping The Users Updated With The Current Affairs And Breaking News

Facebook has always been a step behind when it comes to breaking the latest news and anything viral. There has always been the issue of highlighting the latest stories when it comes to Facebook. Instead, Twitter has always borne the torch when it came to such qualities. Even after having over 45% of the US being focused on the site for such provisions, Facebook has not been able to perform so even with its “Trending News”.

Now, the site is working on a new feature that will enable the users to stay updated with a particular breaking news story.

The fact that the news articles appear on one’s news feed in relation to its relevance to the user-tracked by how much that individual is following that particular news, rather than the chronological order, the new stories do not make it to the surface all of the time. Even with its “Breaking news” tag, it's a hefty task to stay on top of the current affairs with the sole aid of Facebook.

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The new tests are built on the Breaking News tag that now also allows the users to stay up to date with the events of that particular news via notifications. Even though all the latest news appears on the news feed for the users, it's their choice which one to follow. This feature will notify the users about the updates in the news that they follow as it develops.

This feature is supposed to help the users as well as the publishers, in a way that it will be easier to direct the traffic to their pages as they cover a particular story. However, this does not ease the skepticism among the publishers over the reduced traffic on Facebook as a whole. Some of them have faced severe consequences and have run out of business because if this as well.

Still, Facebook's 2.2 billion users that follow news updates is a good enough number for the publishers to strive for the better while the company supports their efforts and works towards their better outcomes.

Facebook, the social media giant, is working on a new feature that will enable the users to stay updated with a particular breaking news story.

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