Facebook's “Create to Convert” Aims To Change the Ads Of The Brands For The Better

Direct-response advertisers have an interesting opportunity that Facebook has revealed recently. They will get to convert still ads into video ads, lightweight though. Videos have become more popular in direct-response campaigns, up to 3.8 times more popular to be precise, in a single year.

Create to Convert, a Creative Shop’s development has “an easy framework to add lightweight motion to still images to create more compelling and effective direct-response ads.” as posted in a blog post by Facebook.

The different types of ads that can be meddled with via Create To Convert are:
  • Animation of still images could be done with a simple addition of motion elements of a few seconds. A call-to-action card is also included to help the brands reach their set business outcomes.
  • The logos and brands of the companies can be made mobile via this feature. This will aid in boosting the brand recognition.
  • The brands can highlight the key benefit or a particular motto as motion graphics. This will attract attention to the specifications of the deal in more detail.
  • Precise, short demos of the features of an operation could be made in motion via this. Demonstration of application, service, or products can be done efficiently.
Aveda, a hair and skin product, is already using this feature in their advertisements. They confirm a 22% rise in their engagement with the users as compared to still images.

A feature of Slideshow was also introduced by Create and Convert in 2015, this helped the brands and people in general with the poor internet connection. This feature helped in stitching the images together in a slideshow that gave the feel of a video being played.

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This feature, no doubt an innovation, is expected to help boost the brands' engagement and hence, their sales in the market. It's still too soon though, to claim if it’s an appreciable initiative or not.

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