Google Tracks Users Even When They Have Turned off Location

According to an investigative report published by the Associate Press, Google services keep on tracking a user's location even when the person has disabled it. This is a violation of the privacy regulations of the company, something which Google is well aware of.

This report was ascertained by researchers working at Princeton, who further reported that this issue affected approximately 2 billion Android users and hundreds of millions of iOS users globally. This happens despite people having their locations paused on various Google applications.

Google claims that tracking users' location history and related information, they make the application atmosphere better for them. Platforms, such as Google Maps, ask people to turn on device's location; and, allow them the liberty to choose to let it remain off. However, despite these settings, the company continues to collect data.

According to Google's spokesperson, users should stay informed that the domain collects information all the time to improve user experience. Moreover, he reiterated that people can delete their location history off the gadgets whenever they desire.

Google stores your location data even when you have told it not to
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