Chrome is developing an update which will allow pages to load much faster

Google Chrome is working on a new development which will allow pages to load faster than usual. When the company announced the upcoming feature in the previous year's January, it started testing it right away. It is estimated that the initial phase of testing went well, and therefore, the company is taking the feature to the next stage of testing.

For faster development, Chrome's updates were divided amongst multiple channels. This particular feature is being handled by the Chrome Canary, and is ironically named as the Lazy Loading. It is available in the Canary build since the version v70.0.3521.0 was released, in its infancy stage.

The idea behind Lazy Loading is that it only loads elements on a page which are present on the users' screens at a given time. This way, the pressure to load images and items below the page, is relieved, and loading gets faster.

When the complete update will be successfully launched is not known yet. Till, then, we will have to wait with the slower versions of the browser.

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