Digital Tools We Can't Live Without

Welcome to the Digital Information World Resources page, a curated list of online tools, software, web apps, services and websites we strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business and digital life.

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The world's most popular search engine, offering access to vast information and services with unparalleled convenience

Password Generator: Create strong, unique passwords for enhanced online security and protection against cyber threats.

ChatGPT (by OpenAI):
An AI language model designed for diverse conversational tasks, offering assistance, information, and engaging interactions

A vast library of super high-quality, royalty-free images, offering inspiration and resources for creators worldwide.

Words Counter:
A tool to analyze text length, aiding writers, editors, and students in managing word counts efficiently.

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer:
Empower your creativity with intuitive AI-based tool to design and customize images for various projects.

US PayPal Fee Calculator:
Easily estimate fees for sending and receiving money through PayPal transactions in the US.

Google Sheets:
A versatile spreadsheet application within Google Docs suite, accessible via web, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS. Compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Photopea: A powerful online image editor resembling Adobe Photoshop, accessible for free with no installation required.

Currency Converter:
A tool facilitating quick and accurate conversion between various currencies, aiding international transactions and financial planning

Buffer Publish App:
A nifty social media management platform allowing scheduling and analyzing posts across multiple platforms for efficient marketing strategies.

Google Chrome:
A fast, secure, and user-friendly web browser developed by Google, offering a seamless internet browsing experience.

Windows 11:
Microsoft's latest operating system featuring a refreshed interface, improved productivity tools, and enhanced gaming capabilities.

HTML Editor:
A user-friendly WYSIWYG tool for creating and editing HTML code, essential for web development and design projects.

A popular messaging app (owned by Meta) offering secure and convenient communication via text, voice, and video calls across devices.

Stopwatch and Timer:
Essential tools for tracking time intervals accurately, aiding in productivity, fitness, and scheduling tasks efficiently.

A popular image hosting platform enabling users to upload, share, and discover entertaining and informative images and GIFs.

The world's largest video-sharing platform, offering a vast array of content including music, tutorials, vlogs, and more.

A leading freelancing platform connecting businesses with skilled professionals for remote work opportunities in various fields.

Unit Converter: A handy tool for converting between different units of measurement, including distance, weight, area, facilitating easy calculations for various purposes.

PDF Doc to PNG image:
Easily transform PDF files into PNG images, ideal for sharing, printing, or online use.

Google News:
A platform aggregates top headlines from various sources, offering a comprehensive overview of current events and trending topics

PNG Image to JPG, WebP or vice verse converter:
Convert your PNG photos to JPG, WebP, or vice versa effortlessly with a user-friendly online converter tool.

Blog Post Extra HMTL Formatting Cleaner:
Save tons of time by effortlessly removing HTML formatting (extra tags) with this tool, perfect for writers and webmasters aiming for efficiency, while copying content from Google Docs to any modern content management systems.

URL Unshortener Tool (AKA Link Redirection Checker):
Easily reveal the true destination of shortened URLs with this unshorten URL tool. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of clicking on mysterious short links; this tool helps you decode them quickly, providing clarity and peace of mind as you browse the web.

Convert Google Spreadsheets to HTML Tables (both via Links or Raw Tabular Data):
Web content publishers often find it challenging to seamlessly integrate Google Sheets data into their articles and blog posts. Simplify this task with DIW's Google Sheets to HTML Converter. Effortlessly embed/share your content and ensure a responsive design for seamless integration across platforms.