5 Apps Which Help Reduce the Harmful Blue Light That Emanates from Smartphones

Since the advent of technology and its normalization among the public, life has become increasingly difficult without smartphones, laptops and tablets. It has become an everyday norm of surfing the Internet, or just using one's gadgets randomly, before sleeping. However, it is also well known that the blue light which emanates from the screens of these devices is very harmful for the human eyes. Therefore, developers developed applications to counter this issue as well. Following is a compilation of the top 5 such apps:

1. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care:

Download it from Google Play Store.
It is a very simple application. It does not have the features to dim brightness. Instead, it changes the screen colours to more natural ones. The users are allowed to choose from seven predefined colours.

2. Twilight:

Download it from Google Play.

It is an application easily available on Google Play Store. It has the ability to filter the blue light which the screens give off, by applying a red filter to it instead. This warmer hue reduces negative effects. Moreover, it also allows the user to reduce the screen brightness even more than usual. 

The effects can be turned on/ off manually, automatically according to a fixed schedule, or even automatically on the basis of local sunset and sunrise timings.

3. Bluelight Filter - Night Mode:

Download it form here.
It is by far the simplest application available. It provides five different filter colours, whose intensity can be manually adjusted using a slider. However, no automation and screen dimming options are available. Moreover, half the screen of the application is covered in ads. But apart from these drawbacks, this app is highly easy to use.

4. Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care:

Google Play Store Link.
This application limits the blue light and dims the brightness. It can also change the filters to more natural shades. There are in-built colours, namely Night Shift, Candlelight, etc. Even the intensity of these is manually manageable.

5. Night Owl - Screen Dimmer:

Google Play Store link.
It is an Android application which reduces the blue light by dimming backlight of the screen. It can also apply screen filters both manually and automatically according to a fixed schedule. However, it is via the Premium version only that allows people to set the application to automation mode based on local sunset/ sunrise timings.

If your Smartphone does not support night mode here are 5 Best Android Apps that Reduce Eye Strain for Night Reading
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