Top 25 Publishers That Attracted Most Of The Engagement On Facebook

The data for how did the various sites on Facebook do recently (in terms of engagement) is out and the results are not that surprising. The engagement levels soared in the month of June for Facebook after quite a steady and stable decline last year.

Top sites like Fox News, for instance, have shown their growth in the data for July. Not only this, but sites like Lad Bible also showed a considerable growth. This showed that Facebook still hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to content aimed at viral trends.

Fox News remained at the top with a rise of about 6 million engagement between June and July and an increase of about 10 million has been observed since March.

Following its lead, CNN has secured the 2nd spot in the rankings for engagements. Daily Mail is not behind these two with stories worth 30 million interactions in total. It gave out some pretty viral news stories for the month.

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BBC comes next with a growth of 17.8 million interaction to 30.4 million between June and July. Its coverage of the News regarding the missing Thai Footballers who were stuck in the cave got an audience of 1.2 million on Facebook alone.

Two UK based sites also made an appearance on the charts, namely, Lad Bible and UNILAD with hugely viral stories that they published.

This interaction count has shifted from the passive “Likes” to the more meaningful comments since the algorithm changed for Facebook. A research concluded that the posts that attract most of the comments are either political or those that ignite a controversy. The leading sites like Fox News and Daily Mail attract millions of comments on their news articles.

The number of shares still lag being, sometimes as low as about half of the comments in cases of sites like UNILAD.

These were the most engaged publishers on Facebook in July 2018 - chart

H/T: Newswhip.
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