Twitter Is On A Hunt To Remove The Accounts That Escaped Suspension

Twitter is adamant to remove the accounts that are problematic for the users and cause a bad name for the platform in general. The company is out on a hunt for the accounts that were previously suspended over misconduct or abuse. The owners who have made another account and would try their malicious acts again on the forum will have a tough time in maintaining their presence as of now.

It's not without a reason that the company is acting this way. These people, after getting one account suspended, make a new one and return with their abusive deeds, making it hard for others to have a good time. If not all, a considerable number of accounts will be dealt with by the week’s end, as said by the company.

Twitter did not provide an outline for the process of dismissal of these accounts, however, the people who find it unjust that their accounts have been disbanded can contact the company for a solution.

This action was taken after a lot of complaints regarding repeated bouts of harassment and spams. Twitter also went on a purge to get rid of millions of fake accounts in the month of July even at the cost of company’s share price regardless of its claims for the accounts not being active users.

After that, it was the locked accounts that were thrown out from being counted as followers which caused a huge number of followers to be dropped from many accounts. These were the accounts locked by the moderators over malicious activities, not the ‘innocent’ accounts.

Its most recent earnings report caused the loss of investors’ confidence from the site. The revenue soared, even though the users declined.

Twitter still faces heavy criticism for its security lax, however, it's working towards making things safer.

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