TikTok will beat Instagram as it's a talent-based platform, claims Evan Spiegel

TikTok, owned by the Chinese giant ByteDance, made its parent company one of the world's most valuable startups with its popularity.

Today TikTok, an app that allows users to make short videos of lip-syncing and dancing, and boasts 1.5 billion downloads.

Evan Spiegel, the founder and the CEO of Snapchat, believes that TikTok has the potential to beat Instagram in terms of popularity.

While answering a question at the Digital Life Design (DLD) Conference in Munich, Evan Spiegel said that he loves TikTok.

He further stressed that how social media is just basically all about self-promotions, showing off, likes, comments, and how it circulates status.

While TikTok, on the other hand, allows users to show their talent instead of status.

The flexibility of the platform gives users a chance to entertain others by doing various things like showing newly learned dance moves or telling a story in a very creative way, Evan further said.

In 2019, TikTok came right after Instagram in regards to monthly active users, according to App Annie.

TikToks all-time download count gap with photo-sharing application is getting less while the short clips sharing app overtook Instagram on the list of the most installed apps last year.

At the DLD Conference on Sunday, Spiegel was questioned about the growth of TikTok and would it be possible for the app to beat Instagram — Spiegel favored TikTok by saying that it has talent-based content rather than status-based.

While TikTok is getting praises from Snap's CEO, Instagram is working towards a different approach to rid of the "status-based" platform title — an example of it is hiding likes count.

Instagram's parent company Facebook is also working towards competing with TikTok as they are testing projects like "Reels".

A feature for Instagram that looks and works very much similar to TikTok went under processing last year.

The Company also launched a standalone app named "Lasso", in 2018.

This won't be happening for the first time when Facebook is mimicking other companies features as Snapchat's story feature was excessively used by Facebook's other owned apps like Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and its own main application.

Evan Spiegel responded to this situation by simply saying that copying features can't limit our business growth.

At DLD, Snapchat didn't release any stats on monthly active users but revealed its 210 million daily active users.

Featured photo: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

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