Instagram Just Copied Another TikTok Feature

Instagram is known to be the networking hub of the internet. Its where the brands come to hunt celebrities and customers come to hunt good brands. Once developed as just a picture and video sharing social media platform, Instagram has grown because of its innovative ways however, it seems that Instagram is quickly running out of ideas. After copying the daily story idea from Snapchat, Instagram is now repeatedly seen copying various features of TikTok, heaven for generation Z.

Experts are saying that TikTok is quickly grabbing a big chunk of the advertisement market and it is densely populated by generations Z. Soon, generation Z will be entering the workforce, which means they might be becoming a bigger market share soon. It seems that Instagram is not ready to lose the biggest chunk of marketing share and it is now trying to attract young users to their platform by following the strategy of TikTok.

The feature has just been launched in Brazil and according to TechCrunch, it is called reels. Reels is available on both Android as well as iOS devices, however, the company has yet not addressed if they are going to launch the feature in other countries, how soon can we see this feature in other countries or if it will only stay in Brazil for now.

Reels is similar to TikTok's Duet feature, by using Reels users can shoot a video and then edit it, add audio, adjust speed or even get the audio from other videos they like. These videos can be shared in the daily story, send in DM’s or post it into the top Reels section. This section has been designed to sort out the videos that have the potential to go viral.

Instagram right now is investing in branding and so it has become a place of a picture-perfect image, however, TikTok is coming up with a raw yet entertaining content. It seems that Instagram is familiar that generation Z will soon be purchasing things and most of the population from generation Z is using TikTok, so they need to attract a better audience. Previously Instagram has also added the same "play on" section inspired by TikTok where the user can enjoy small videos through auto-play without choosing the next manually.

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