WhatsApp Is Now The Second Non-Google Android App To Complete Five Billion Downloads On Play Store

Five billion downloads! Can you believe that the digits actually represent the fact that more than half of the total population on Earth downloaded an app? This height of success was first achieved by Google which rolled out with a handful of pre-installed applications to boost up the Android eco-system. However, last year they found themselves a competitor with the name of Facebook and now after not-so-long Whatsapp is also in the similar race.

Facebook first reached the landmark after partnering up with Samsung and other OEMs, which later made the social networking app an integral part of the newer Android devices. However, as they saw that the networking options for people don’t really end at Facebook so that is where the company chipped in with Whatsapp.

Hence, while the engagement and usage of Facebook was just becoming worrisome with every passing year, the next thing that people started trusting for their conversations was Whatsapp, which later made this achievement pretty much obvious on cards. But still, the news is great for Facebook as, in the end, Mark Zuckerberg and his team now has their second app joining the elite club.

Google on the other hand also took advantage of the similar pre-installed copies scheme, alongside downloads from the Play Store, in which companies like Huawei also helped them to make a number of Android applications get to the five billion digits.

All in all, Whatsapp has nearly 1.5 billion monthly users and serves to be a primary mean of communication so one can also expect that a large percentage of downloads (especially on older smartphones) also came in through the App Store.

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Featured Photo: Shutterstock / dennizn
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