Facebook introduces Lasso – a TikTok Clone for the teens

“Tik Tok” is the latest social media app that allows users to create music-filled videos along with filters and effects. The app has become hugely popular with the teens that are now starting to flee from other social media platforms, specifically Facebook.

Of course, Facebook took the news of users leaving its flagship platform in a firm way and once again came up with a competitive app in answer to Tik Tok.

Named as Lasso, Facebook reports to working on the app since October and is now available to download for both – iOS and Android.

According to Facebook, Lasso allows users to easily create and share short videos along with fun effects. The users can also follow other video makers, search for new content using hashtags, and make use of the music library integrated within the app.

Since Facebook is the owner of Lasso, users can easily sign in to the platform using either their Instagram or Facebook account. The app will then have access to the user’s profile page allowing them to share videos directly to their Facebook Stories. According to The Verge, Facebook will launch a similar feature for Instagram later this year as well.

Surprisingly, Facebook launched Lasso very quietly, today. The app already contains some content, which suggests that it may have been available to the community members (mostly in U.S.) before the official public launch.

Facebook launches Lasso, its music and video TikTok clone
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