Pinterest trumps Snapchat to become the Third-Biggest Social Media Service in USA!

The competition between different social media services has only gotten tougher with time. What’s even more interesting is the ongoing battle between Snapchat and Pinterest for the third-biggest social media service in the US. In 2019, Pinterest took the cake in this regard as far as estimated social users are concerned.

Back in 2018, Pinterest was barely left behind by Snapchat as the former boasted 75.5 million users in comparison to the latter’s 75.8 million. That was when Snapchat was losing users left and right due to a failed design revamp. The following year, Snapchat’s user count reached 80.2 million after it introduced a commendable Android App packed with exciting filters. Still, it wasn’t enough to keep up with Pinterest’s rapidly growing momentum with the help of which its user count reached 82.4 million.

Pinterest’s growth last year (9.1%) even exceeded estimations (4.3%). In 2020, its userbase is expected to peak at 86.0 million as opposed to 83.1 million estimated for Snapchat. This difference is all set to keep on increasing over the next 3 years.

Nazmul Islam, junior forecasting analyst at eMarketer, said that although Snapchat has a firm grip on the younger audience, Pinterest caters to users belonging to various age groups.

As mentioned above, Pinterest’s users are more-or-less evenly divided across all age groups. Snapchat’s userbase, on the other hand, mainly dominate the 12-17, 18-24 and 25-34 demographics.

It is predicted that around 41.1% of US social network users will be Pinterest users this year. As for Snapchat, the percentage will likely cap at 39.7%. Moreover, Pinterest is expected to continue its growing ways next year, while Snapchat will most probably remain stagnant during the same time period.

Pinterest Surpassed Snapchat as Number 3 Social Media App in the US in terms of users and Will Stay Ahead

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