Germany and US tops the list to request user data, Apple Reveals in its Transparency Report

Recently, Trump started coming at Apple for not helping the FBI, but Apple has responded that they have done whatever is under their control. Apple has already told before that they cannot build backdoors in their system to help the law enforcement agencies. Users save their data on iCloud and Apple has access to only that data, which they help organizations with; however, the demand for more cannot be catered by disrupting the whole system.

Recently, Apple released its transparency report that showed listed down all the regions and countries requesting for user data. To our surprise, Germany and the US stands on the top of the list with most user data requests along with requests for customer service, purchase, and phone repair information.

A total of 31,778 requests were counted for a 6-months period with 12,558 requests from Germany and 4,796 requests from the US. Additionally, there were 6,480 requests for account details including iCloud and iTunes account. Most of these requests were from the US with a total of about 3,619.

The report also included the requests from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) concerning the national security of the country. From the data, Apple received around 499 non-content data requests from FISA. Plus, the tech giant got around 11,000+ requests for subscriber and transaction information.

Apart from it, Apple received about up to 499 security letters from the FBI (not approved by the court) demanding subscriber data and other relevant issues from the company.

Germany and US are requesting way more users data than other countries, Apple Reveals in its Transparency Report

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