Facebook, Netflix, Subway Surfers: These Are the 10 Best Apps and Games of the Decade (Based on iOS and Android Stores Data)

We are a generation of digital geeks finding social media platforms and gaming as getaway cards from our daily hectic routines.

The increase in smartphone usage is growing globally and here’s some insight on the most downloaded apps in 2019.

Mobile data and analytics company App Annie revealed the biggest applications of 2019 and also the biggest mobile games of the decades based on the number of downloads from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

App Annie combined the downloads of iOS and Android to reveal a detailed analysis of the most-downloaded apps of 2010s, and according to the data, Facebook topped the list as the most downloaded app of this decade. Second in the rank was Facebook Messenger with second-largest app downloads, followed by WhatsApp in third and Instagram in fourth position, Snapchat ranking 5th, Skype took 6th position, TikTok was seventh in the rank followed by UC Browser and YouTube ranking as 8th and 9th most-downloaded apps and Twitter was ranked at the 10th position as a most downloaded social media app of 2019.

According to a blog post by Adithya Venkatraman, the detailed report of the most downloaded app clearly reveals that Facebook Inc. is the pretty much-owning majority of the most downloaded apps with its apps Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram ranking in the top 10 most favorite downloaded apps of the decade.

Report by App Annie also revealed the top apps from 2010 to 2019 based on the worldwide consumer spending, in which Netflix was ranked as the top app of this decade. Tinder ranked in the second position whereas Pandora Music, Tencent Video and LINE were ranked in the third, fourth and fifth spot respectively, iQIYI was ranked at 6th position, Spotify at 7th, YouTube at 8th spot, HBO Now and Kwai were ranked as the 9th and 10th most liked app based on consumer spending.

App Annie also revealed the list of top most downloaded smartphone game of the decade.
"It might surprise some to know that Subway Surfers was the most downloaded app game of the decade, driven by its strong adoption in India which accounted for over 15% of its all-time downloads (iOS & Google Play combined).", explained Adithya Venkatraman.
Take a look at this chart for more insights on top apps by downloads and consumer spend:

Market Manager at App Annie provided this detailed insight of digital apps to display how our world is so progressively moving towards a digital era and to show its viewers the number of people indulged in these services.

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