Twitter Steps In To The Mix For Introducing eCommerce Feature On Its Platform Following Facebook and Google Footprints

Over the COVID-19 period, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook witnessed exponential growth in their userbase and the existing users spent more time on the platforms. The recent quarter updates reveal that Google has doubled its profit while Instagram and Snapchat are also not behind being one of the bests in the race along with TikTok gaining more than double its users advancing at a secure place.

However, these circumstances presented these social media platforms with an opportunity to capitalize on the additional attention that was being provided to them. Many platforms believed in expanding their advertising campaigns with two ads per video or by introducing short form content features to generate more user engagement. But what felt like increased profit to these companies also pressure to innovate more.

With Google Lens and Facebook Marketplace leading the way, it was clearly indicated by the tech giants’ intentions to step into the online shopping frenzy and this resulted in the creation of a Social Media Platform built in buying option.

While there were preliminary testing with Google and Facebook, Twitter took pace and introduced its beta version of in app purchases by a sliding option. Even though this beta is just to a handful of select brands in the United States, there is much hope as it is an attractive option.

Twitter has called this the Shop Module and has introduced it to iOS users initially. The presence of this feature can be notices by visiting the brands home page. When visited there is a carousel of products listed by the brand for the users to scroll from and choose. Twitter’s aim is to initiate the purchase and end the transaction all from the app itself without conforming to a third party.

This Shop Module would use the users activity and present with options that are important to the users such as links with the favorite sports team or something that the user is looking up for. According to the statement from Twitter, these factors would assist them to better the user’s shopping experience and beta test the Shop Module to run across all countries and locations for a better shopping journey.

Furthermore, the all in app option has presented some challenges but it is assumed that these will be looked at by developers in the beta run and by the time the Shop Module is introduced to all the users and brands on Twitter, these challenges will be resolved

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