Google Makes History With Unreal Profits For The Second Quarter Sitting On Top Of The Tech Throne

The technology giant Google boasts immensely about its age long characteristic of determination and steadfastness. Its goals are furthered as a company with excellent morals and outstanding characteristics to obtain the top spot in the tech industry. Alphabet (the parent company of Google) has released its Q2 2021 earning report, which shows Google now sits comfortably at the top of the throne with updated figures of 61.9 billion dollars in the second quarter of this year.

Alphabet’s outstanding profits are credited to Google Search Revenue, YouTube and its acquisition. These three sources generated the maximum revenue towards the second quarter and initiated sixty to seventy-five percent of the profit.

The numbers of Google Search went up by about 14 billion this year, reaching a total sum of 35.8 billion dollars this time. One of the many reasons for this boost was the post pandemic era that liberated a surge in online activity. Not only did the revenue increase from last year, but due to this very reason, Google Search’s revenue also surged by about a 4 billion from the last quarter sending a very warm and comforting message to the share holders.

On the other hand, with the extra screen time available in the quarantined world, the YouTube Advertising revenue sparked to an all time high. Compared to the revenues from last year's 3.8 Billion dollars, this year marked the figure to be doubled to around 7.2 billion dollars leaving behind an immense rise. Not only that, the revenue was up by 1 billion dollars than the previous quarter. While most of this was attributed to COVID’s lockdown and increased screen, some of it was due to YouTube’s new Shorts feature that displays up to 60 seconds long films and videos. This amassed 15 billion views every day across the globe.

This growth was marked as exponential since the 17.7 billion dollar profit from 2015 doubled to 38.3 billion in 2020. As this doubled over 5 years, Google’s recent growth from 38.3 billion to 61.9 billion in 2021 shows great mobility as doing this in one year is a feat in itself.

However, this profit would have been greater if Alphabets’ acquisition Google Cloud was not leaking cash. Even though the loss was curbed to under a billion dollars in the second quarter, it was still a significant blow to the expectations. It is expected that things might soon turn in favor of Google for Cloud as well and we are to see Google reach new heights in the near future.

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