Windows 11 Reaches 1 Percent Market Share of PCs

The new version of Windows has been seeing a fairly appreciable adoption rate as of late. Statistics coming in from AdDuplex have revealed that Windows 11 has now been adopted by 1% of all PCs. While this might seem rather low to some, the truth is that this is fairly high when you take into account the fact that this new version of the operating system has only just been released and it tends to take some time before users upgrade since they might be used to the previous version of the operating system that might have been released.

However, Windows 11 has a long way to go before it can become the most popular version of the OS out there. That honor currently belongs to the October 2020 update for Windows 10, which currently has a pretty massive 36% share of the market. About a quarter of PC users have not upgraded to this version yet though, which means that the May 2020 update for Windows is still the second most popular.

The fact that the two most popular versions of Windows are half a year to a year old should tell you something about adoption rates in operating systems. It should tell you that for the most part these kinds of operating systems take time to gain widespread adoption. 1% is still a decent milestone for Windows 11, one that has become up relatively early in its life cycle.

The additions that have been made to Windows 11 have potentially resulted in things becoming more positive for the operating system as a whole, and many users have commented on how it feels like a more modern version of what they have already gotten used to. Hence, it is quite likely that the adoption rate will increase further as time goes by and people start to upgrade to it slowly.

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