Despite facing roadblocks after Apple's privacy policies, the revenue of Facebook uplifts to 56% in the second quarter of 2021, but the DAUs are shrinking in Europe and the US

It was expected that after the changes in privacy policies of Apple, Facebook can suffer a lot as its revenue mostly comes from the advertisement business. But despite all changes in the privacy policies, the revenue of Facebook has increased up to 56 percent in the second quarter of this year that added 29 Billion Dollars in revenue. This ratio is even higher than Apple and Microsoft Companies during the similar quarter. It looks like the platform is still not affected by the changes in privacy policies as it is still standing strong in this quarter in terms of its revenue. Most importantly, not only the profit of the platform has risen up to 101 percent but the number of users of Facebook and its owned platforms has also jumped up to 12 percent.

The platform mostly runs on advertisement business, and it has seen a 47 percent development in this specific section. Still, there are many upcoming challenges for the platform as it expects a big revenue effect in Q3 due to the privacy policies of Apple. According to a report, many users do not want apps to track their data for personalized ads as 25 percent of iOS users have opted out of this option and this percentage goes even higher than this at the end of 2021.

The platform is consistently becoming the larger part of our day-to-day lives and it can have adverse effects too. The platform has published the data, which shows that about 30 Million extra users have joined this platform and the total number of users has reached up to 1.91 Billion in the 2nd quarter. In Q1, the number of users of this platform in the Asia Pacific has increased regardless of a stoppage, and setback in the rest of the regions. The daily active users of the platform have apparently peaked in America, subsequently decreasing in the 2nd quarter, whereas it is also retreating in Europe. This can be worrying for the platform specifically when considering the ARPU figures. The platform earns mostly from the US and Europe and its sudden decline in these regions needs to be observed carefully.
This can also mean that people in the US and Europe are going away from this platform and there could be many reasons for that, for instance, people are now turning away from this platform due to misleading information related to health and vaccines, and hate speech. The overall presence of this platform is increasing undoubtedly, but the sudden decline in the main markets can be a noted point for advertisers.

The other point of concern for advertisers is that the platform has increased the cost of ads whereas its number of users is decreasing in key regions. The platform has also sold millions of Oculus VR. The platform has major other options for its growth in the emerging markets as the CEO of the platform has prepared a particular orientation to both its developing creator tackles and the Metaverse idea in his swift. However, the Metaverse is still an unclear idea but according to it, people will be able to get their digital symbol of themselves to engage with others and this can also help the platform to evade augmented regulatory actions. The platform is now trying to make strong stalemates in many ways so that it can raise the assignation of its users. The overall number shows that the platform is still climbing so fast which can be a major achievement for it. Take a look at below charts for more insights:
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