App Store On Average Receives 100K App Submission Requests Weekly, Apple Approximately Approves 60 Percent Of Them And Rejects 40 Percent Apps

This week Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has come out with an interesting revelation stating that Apple turns down a large chunk of requests for App Store submissions only because the company doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of apps available on the App Store for the security of iPhones.

This strong response from the CEO came out as a part of the answers to all the questions that Apple has had to deal with in the recent past because of their recent battle with Government regulators from around the world. And updates regarding the controversy also suggest that there are chances of Apple finally giving way to other rival software stores for iPhones.

Tim Cook was invited on Sway podcast from The New York Times this Monday and the precise take away from the talk has been that it is not easy for any developer to get their app on the iOS App Store.

According to Cook, the company receives nearly 100,000 applications every week for reviews and among them, 40,000 get rejected. Majority of the applications get a NO in response because the apps just don’t work or at least in the way that the developer says it works. Hence, Apple’s scrutiny is necessary because otherwise just imagine the kind of apps you would start to see on the App Store within a span of few days.

Furthermore, when Cook was asked about Apple’s monopoly regarding their App Store, the CEO of Apple said that the company has worked hard over the years to build the iPhone app ecosystem. Now they just deserve to earn profits from it while offering something to everyone in return.

Apple has been a key player in creating a trillion dollars a year economy and when those figures are put to the table including the innovation involved, the company takes a very small share to bear the expense of running the store, Tim says.

Cook also argued that Apple’s cut of App Store revenue isn’t egregious.

Going by the numbers as stated by Tim, 85% of people on the app store don’t pay any commission at all. It is applicable from now onwards that small developers who earn less than a year are required to pay 15%. But with that being said, a vast majority of developers on the platform also belong to that category.

All in all, Cook strongly disagrees with installing third-party sources because that would just break the privacy and the security model that makes iPhones the safest.

However, in the end, he also gave hope that his team is always open to suggestions and changes to the App Store.

Tim, after quite a while, was very honest about the company’s future in privacy, and his role in the company, the release of Apple Car, augmented reality headset, he also indirectly passes a comment on Facebook.

Photo: ymgerman via Getty Images

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