Google’s 2021 I/O Developer Event to Take Place Virtually This May

Google is one of the biggest names in the tech world and the company strives to do better every day to love up to the expectations that the people hold with them. Therefore, each year Google holds Google I/O developer event in which the company enlightens the people about all that is coming which includes latest product releases, insights from Google experts, and even hands-on learning.

The event is a paid one and takes place physically with people gathering at a place to attend the session however considering the ongoing pandemic situation it was impossible for the tech giant to hold an event with a mass gathering and such a large scale and therefore like everything these days this event was also moved online.

The event is taking place virtually and the Google I/O 2021 Developers event is expected to fall from May 18 to 20. Since it a virtual online event unlike other years this year anyone can join it that too for free! So if you were planning to join this even for some time now but could not because of your busy schedule and no time to attend this just might be your year to do so.

Some data however was collected on what people can expect in this coming events’ conversation.

The Consumer and Developer Keynotes part of the event will focus on the company, the product news and can be re-watched on demand.

Technical Sessions in the event will focus on the new product announcements and will teach you on how to adopt new features.

Workshops and Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMAs) are interactive sessions and must be reserved to participate. Workshops are instructor-led with Q&A encouraged, while AMAs are an opportunity to ask Google product experts questions. All this will give you the opportunity to learn new things and clear all the previous misunderstanding you had.

Meetups are casual, open, forums facilitated and hosted by Google that encourage attendees to connect and talk with each other. Registration and reservation are required.

Interactive Sandboxes encourage developers to try Google’s new products and features through a hands-on experience that are available on I/O Adventure.

Code labs and Learning Pathways are self-guided feature which help you learn and adopt to Google’s new technology.

Sessions will be scheduled throughout the three-day event and will be available on demand.

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