Data shows that the Apple's iOS 14 adoption rate among the iPhone and iPad users has reached 90 percent

Apple Company introduced the latest version of iOS that is 14 in June 2020; however, this update was released on September 16. Apple has introduced the biggest update to date in which it has changed the home screen design, some new updates from existing apps, and some new features; even it has improved Siri. iOS 14 also brought some improvements in the privacy of the user and Apple Company announced in December 2020 that almost 81% of the iPhones from last 4 years have been updated to iOS 14 that is the latest version of the operating system with a lot of improvements and now according to the new data by Mixpanel, more than 90% of iPhones and iPads have adopted iOS 14 update.

Mixpanel further reported that almost 7 months have been passed since the launch of the iOS 14 update, 90.45% of iOS users have updated their device on iOS 14 which means that people have responded positively about the latest version, and almost 5.07% of users are still running the previous version which is iOS 13, however, approximately, 4.48% of users are running iOS 12 or older version, a few months ago WhatsApp also announced that it will not work on iOS 9 or old version so people are trying to shift to the latest version of iOS to get the new features.

Apple Company is successful in delivering the latest version to a large number of iOS users but these results don’t come as amazement because Apple has to confirm these percentages. Apple Developer website states that more than 80% of all iOS devices including iPhones and iPads have shifted to iOS 14 by February 24, 2021. According to a report, users have quickly shifted to iOS 14 update than any other update of iOS to get the new and improved features such as Home screen Widgets, pictures-in-pictures for iPhone users, App library to manage the apps more efficiently, Compact UI for calls, new iMessage feature and many more.

Now Apple is focusing on iOS 14.5 which is now available to developers and public beta users, in which the user can unlock an iPhone by wearing a mask and you can even use the feature in which you can unlock the Apple watch as a secondary authorization method. However, Apple has not announced the release date of this version but said that people will be able to find this update maybe this spring.

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