Does Tim Cook Sees Himself as The CEO of the Company in The Next Ten Years?

Apple is a big name when it comes to the tech industry and it has managed to launch some amazing products and devices over the years. From its iPhone and iPad ranges to MacBook’s and Smartwatches everything has been top notch. The amazing outcome of the company comes when it has some great employees and workers and a great leader to lead them and Apple is surely being run by one of its finest members.

The current CEO of Apple Tim Cook had worked in the company for 23 years and was announced the CEO at the age of 50, ten years ago and since then has lead the company towards even more success.

We know big shot CEOs are usually encouraged and retire early from their positions and in an interview with Kara Swisher in the latest episode of The New York Times Sway podcast, the CEO was questioned that whether or not he sees himself at the high chair of the company in the next coming decade to which Cook replied that probably not considering 10 years is a lot of time. The CEO is already 60 at the moment and working for the next ten years means him turning 70 which is a rather undesirable age to run the company and the head of Apple will want to spend the rest of his days chilling without the stress of work on his shoulders.

When asked what will he be doing or what does he see himself doing once he retires? The CEO said that he has not given a lot of thought on this matter. For years the company has been a huge part of his life and he has immense love for it to a fact that at times his life only revolves around it, so what will he be doing or what hobby will he pick up can only be known to him as well as the world once he retires.

The CEOs retirement means someone taking over the company after him and currently the best shot for it according to the people seems to be Jeff Williams who is the Chief Operating Officer at Apple but Apple does have other really desiring candidates from different departments on the list as well, so we will have to wait on to see who the next deserving candidate is that will be chosen by Cook in the next few years or who knows maybe next year?

Photo: Apple

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