Tim Cook, once again indirectly passes a comment on Facebook which at this point doesn’t even come off as a surprise

Facebook no doubt has been one of those apps that just can never stay uninvolved with controversies and different things that makes the app stay on the news at all times, and even though the users forget about the bad features that Facebook has introduced over the years there is this one person, and this one company that never seems to forget about it! And that is, yes you guessed it right. Tim Cook, the CEO of one of the largest multinational companies in the world, Apple.

Problems between these two huge tech giants started when Apple announced its new privacy policy which is to go into motion this spring, where it will basically allow its users to allow apps to track their activities or simply not to opt for this type of tracking. This caused much broil at the Facebook headquarters because if the social media app wouldn’t be able to track their users and their activities, then how will they be able to recommended stuff according to their interests, and more importantly, how will then Facebook be able to generate money through targeted advertising? Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook even took this online and to this the CEO of Apple replied that it is basically doing what every tech giant company should, to protect its user’s privacy and allow them to feel safe and comfortable while browsing through their social media apps. Ouch! Yes, this is exactly what happened to Facebook.

Tim Cook recently did an interview on a podcast hosted by the very famous Kara Swisher from The New York Times. The replies which Tim Cook gave to the questions during the podcast were not directed towards Facebook, but by looking at the past history of these two tech giants, they were definitely directed towards Facebook, if you know what we mean! In the podcast Tim Cook can be found saying that having more social networks out there is better than having less.

The face-off between Apple and Facebook has been going on for too long now, six months to be exact. Facebook has been very much vocal about this and to the comments made by Tim Cook. Mark Zuckerberg even went all out by saying that Apple through this policy, just wants to show its dominancy in the tech world. All the users’ want of these two apps is for these companies to come up with a mutual decision that cannot cause hindrance in either two.

Image credit: Apple

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