LinkedIn Added Several Exciting Feature to Facilitate Brands

LinkedIn is expected to soon replace Facebook; the idea is not to completely replace social networking platform. Instead, the point is that by the end of 2023, generation Z will be entering the workforce and the job market is quite competitive. For this reason, LinkedIn has finally decided that they need to catch up according to the trends of the growing market need. Currently, more than 50 million companies are using LinkedIn pages for engaging various employees and customers. Moreover, LinkedIn is said to grow as the strongest B2B driven platform so far. To help the platform grow and become easier to use, LinkedIn has recently introduced multiple new features including the LinkedIn Live integration option, and several other features. Moreover, to make the user experience better on the LinkedIn pages, the company also added new features including employee notification, community hostages and team moments.

The idea is to bring in people who are very energetic towards work, more innovative and aggressively searching for a job for building their business circle. The invite to follow option, that the company has re-introduced and rolled backed several times, will help the admins to invite LinkedInners to connect and follow the company page. Since this can bring in the issue of spamming, LinkedIn has come up with an option that can help the user to unselect the option if they don’t want to receive the invites. Also, a user can only send 50 invites per day, helping the community building process to be an easy yet genuine communication process than just an aggressive way of adding people without any reason.

Another interesting feature is the post as a page or member option that has been recently introduced, this option helps the business organization or any individual using the account to share a post by the name of the page and this can be done simply by using a switch that is present on the homepage share box. Just like Facebook Instagram and YouTube live, LinkedIn live is also available for the brand pages. This will allow the user to engage in a two-way conversation that will be on-screen or via comments. Moreover, in future LinkedIn has also announced to launch a stream targeting feature that includes Socialive, Wirecast and Restream.

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