LinkedIn Brings Back a Controversial Feature after Making Changes to it!

If there is one social networking service that has managed to stay true to its roots after all these years, it is LinkedIn. The employment and business-oriented service has helped countless users in getting a hold of the right people.

It used to have a feature which allowed users to invite their connections to follow a certain page. However, LinkedIn had to get rid of it after receiving complaints by several users who didn’t like to get flooded with invites from page admins.

Thanks to digital consultant Matt Navarra and social media trainer Jonathan Pollinger for highlighting this development, LinkedIn has brought back the feature. A screenshot can also be found attached to Navarra’s tweet that lists “Invite connections” as one of the reach enhancing options. A “new” label also follows the option.

However, it looks like LinkedIn has made a few adjustments to the feature before bringing it back. Navarra mentioned in his tweet that users will be allowed to send connection invites to a maximum of 50 people per session. This will cause the user (who is sending out the invites) to carefully plan and list the recipients instead of just bombarding every one of their connections with the invite, whether it is of use to them or not.

There’s no doubt that the modified feature will (to some extent) prevent people from receiving unnecessary invites. Although challenges will continue to line up, LinkedIn has assured its users that it will be acting on their feedback. Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.

Once again you can invite your connections to like a LinkedIn Page (up to 50 at a time)

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