LinkedIn Continues To Play With Invite Connections Feature; Removes It Yet Again!

If there is one feature that got LinkedIn obsessed for the sake of engagement, but also in trouble at the same time (especially for increasing spam on the platform) then it has to be “Invite Connections”. And while as a page admin you must be wondering that since the feature was available for your page just a few days ago, after being re-released recently, where did it really go?

The bad news is LinkedIn has (apparently) once again taken it back.

The feature of Invite Connections was introduced as a tool for Page Admins which had enabled them to invite their connections to follow the LinkedIn Company page they owned. It was extremely effective for companies that wanted to promote themselves on the platform, but over the period of time, LinkedIn got blamed for increasing spam with the similar feature.

First introduced a few years back, LinkedIn again came up with a much improved version of the Invite Connections feature back in June 2019 and once more in November of the same year. The plan included necessary steps to stop spam invites of LinkedIn company pages which users had no interest in.

The restrictions to control overenthusiastic invites started off with limiting the access to company page admins as it was assumed that such personnel had enough awareness of the issue and wouldn’t choose to do spamming again. Besides that the rules set were somewhat like this:

Page admins with fewer than 500 connections were able to send invitations to their connections via a 'Select all' option. If any admin had more than 500 connections, then they were obliged to manually select the people for invitations. Company pages below the 100,000 followers mark could only invite members to follow via the option. Similarly, if any admin had less than 3 connections, the option was unavailable to them. Whereas, page admins were bound to send invites to only 50 new people in 24 hour gap.

Are you still seeing the LinkedIn Invite Connections Feature? Did Invite Connections really help your LinkedIn Company Page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Not seeing it anymore after inviting 500 peoples. It suck cause I have more than 20 000 connections and I'm sure more than 500 are interessed in my page !

  2. Same here. Was having great success growing my company's following until they took this feature away. Growth has slowed significantly now.... very frustrating!

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