LinkedIn to Make It Big In The Upcoming 2 Years

LinkedIn is one of the leading professional social media platforms and has been becoming increasingly popular. The popularity is expected to grow and it is estimated that there will be 62.1 million LinkedIn users in the US, during 2020. The number is expected to grow even more in 2021, by 4.2% and reach 64.7 million. By the end of 2023, it is expected that LinkedIn will boast 68.8 million users.

One-third of all social network users in the US are on LinkedIn and probably this will be the case over the next few years as well. The business social platform has also been generating growing revenues, majorly through B2B advertising.

In 2020, LinkedIn will generate $1.59 billion via ad revenues. It will grow more in the coming year also by another 11.2%, making almost $1.77 billion in 2021.

Jillian Ryan, eMarketer principal analyst, said LinkedIn is continuously becoming innovating and has something to offer to both advertisers and users.

When LinkedIn is compared with other popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it has grown a little slower as recently it introduced LinkedIn Live and Events.

According to Ryan, LinkedIn has been experimental in the past as well but the use of features for a professional audience can be a little different to maintain current users and engage more.

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