“Labs” Makes Comeback in Google App

Google makes a lot of changes both to its search engine as well as its numerous properties but most users don’t really get to see any of these changes until much later and this is mainly because of the fact that Google wants to test these features out before releasing them to the general market. They basically do this to make sure that there is no major problem with the update that they are rolling out, but at the same time a lot of users feel like they are missing out on some of the cool new features that are about to come their way.

The fact of the matter is that there was an app of sorts that would let you test out some of the new features called Lab but it was shut down back in 2011. However, as per AndroidPolice, it seems like Labs is making a comeback, and you will be able to find it in your very own Google app! This feature, originally spotted by 9to5google, is going to help you check out new features that are not ready to launch but can be checked out, and what’s truly interesting is that you would be able to give your feedback about these updates as well.

One of the testing features that you can check out is a zoom feature. Once you have made a search you would be able to pinch to zoom in on the results, something that can help you take a closer look at the results of the query that you have just put in. Another feature worth checking out involves screenshot editing, something that would allow you to edit the screenshots you take which is similar to what iOS users have on their phones. Either way the return of the Labs feature is something that will definitely have a lot of people quite excited all in all.

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