Now you can read stories in two languages simultaneously in Google News app

Google News App, after major updates finally comes with the latest update that allows Google News app to support two languages at the same time. According to BBC more than half of world's population understands at least two languages and this new update will serve these users in the best possible way.

With this new update, you can catch up with the stories that interests you in other languages. In this way, you will get that news as well that is covered elsewhere. This new update is particularly interesting and useful for people who are living abroad and have no platform to connect to the situation of that place. Apart from it, those people who live in a place where multiple languages are spoken can also benefit from this addition. This option was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong back in September.

Even though this new update has a lot of potentials but it will not affect your personalization preferences.

This new update is just the beginning of the major revamp of the Google News product and destination website. In 2018 at Google’s developer conference, it was announced that the company is taking steps to use AI technology in its app to rank stories for users in a customized manner. With the inclusion of this new technology, the stories will not be trapped in the “filter bubbles” where they cannot be fact-checked.

Recently, the desktop version of the Google News was also revamped, organizing the articles in a card-style layout for better readability.

The bilingual update, however, is only available for the Google News app users. The feature is currently available in 141 countries with availability of 42 languages. The new update is expected to widen the people’s perspective on different issues.

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