Google Maps Mark Important Cities with Famous Landmarks

When you travel to a new city, the popular landmarks attract a large number of people. Searching on Google Maps provides information about these popular attractions and are marked with blue, orange and green icons on the map.

Recently, Google made a few changes and marked large cities with large icon of important landmarks, making attraction points more visible.

When navigations to cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and New York are searched on Google Maps, the areas will be shown, marked with the icons of the most important locations found there. These icons usually show historical places mostly but that is not the case always.

However, it is not added to all cities, like when Washington and Sydney are searched, it does not show White House or Sydney Opera House on icons. It is not yet sure whether Google still has to add icons for these places or they do not match the set criteria of the landmarks selected.

These landmark icons are visible on the latest version of Google Maps (i.e 10.28.2) for Android users and are not yet available on web.

Screenshots: AndroidPolice.

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