Google revamps its News tab – highlights the headlines and publisher’s name

Google is giving its News tab for desktop a ‘redesign’ that will enhance its clarity and make it more similar to the dedicated Google News website. The new design was announced by the company on its official Twitter handle and will display recent News Stories in a card format rather than a list. The modification in the layout will make headlines and the names of the publishers more prominent.

It also appears that the company is grouping stories together more clearly, making it easy for the readers to search for a broad topic.

Although the change itself is pretty small, it is a part of a large effort by the search giant to improve the user’s experience and try out new products.

The updates News tab will be rolling out to users worldwide in the next few weeks.

In response a user reacted that, "This change makes it much harder for researchers [content skimmers] and journalists to scan news search results because we can no longer quickly see purple links to denote what we’ve already clicked. Please consider rescinding and reverting to the old format or making another change."

We hope Google will listen to the genuine suggestion as well that are coming as a result of its new design.

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