Better Results and Privacy Are the Two Major Factors That Motivate Internet Users to Switch Search Engines

DuckDuckGo held a study and found out that a lot of people are willing to use an alternative search engine instead of Google if another option is given. The study was based on 3,000 adult participants, belonging to US, UK, Germany and Australia.

DuckDuckGo proposed that search preference menu in Android Smartphone should allow users to select a default browser of their choice.

In study, people were asked to select a search engine from the preference menu proposed by DuckDuckGo. Participants of the study were given two, 4-choice and 8-choice search preference menus to select from.

Study revealed that the rate at which people preferred Google alternatives will increase the share in collective mobile market from 300% to 800%. Whereas, on the whole the search market share would instantly be affected by almost 10%.

According to DuckDuckGo, not many people know that they can change the default search engine of their Smartphone. However, people who are aware about it might find it difficult to switch to another default browser, as it’s not easy to change home screen search widgets. Also, Google attract users towards its search engine by various means.

The study suggests that second most selected search engine was DuckDuckGo, which shows users are looking for an alternative private search option.

When participants were asked what would be the reason behind changing their search engine, majority answered if search results are better. The second most popular answer was if a search engine did not collect private data about user or their searches.

Majority of Internet Users Will Prefer Alternate Search Engines If Given Better Privacy and Quality, Says DuckduckGo Study

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