Google News Testing Out Multiple Languages and Regions Feature To Provide Users More Relevant Stories

Google has been diversifying the services it provides for quite some time now, and one aspect of this has to do with the fact that the tech giant is trying to create more avenues for people to use their various products and stay on Google properties for an extended period of time thereby maximizing how much profit the company is able to gain from the various users that it has at any given point in time.

Google News is one example of a service that is changing the way we consume content on the internet. However, until recently there was a major difficulty with Google News, and this problem was that it was basically only meant for an English speaking audience that was interested in news related to current events occurring in western countries and the like, with international audiences not really getting quite as much information on their own current events as they would have liked.

The reason that this is quite a big issue has to do with the fact that Google is not just an American company. It is a company that forms an intrinsic part of the internet experience for people all around the world, which is why the latest update to Google News that is being tested out is a welcome addition to this sort of experience overall. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong first spotted this option in the Google News setting page.

This new update will allow you to select up to two languages that you would get your news in, along with two regions that you would receive relevant local news articles for. This is definitely going to make it a lot easier for people to get latest stories that they are actually interested in rather than having to look into a specific kind of news that has a decidedly western tilt to it, something that will give Google news a broader and more international appeal all in all.

Google News is testing multiple languages/regions of interests (up to two for now).

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