Super Stickers Offer YouTube Creators More Earning Opportunities

YouTube has been trying quite hard over the past couple of years to give the various creators it has on its platform additional earning opportunities. With creators starting to look to crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon for financial security, it was starting to become increasingly important for YouTube to address the situation since it was becoming more likely that a creator would move off of YouTube due to the financial independence that their non-YouTube related earning opportunities were providing.

Some of the earning opportunities that YouTube provided mimicked those provided by the likes of Patreon, allowing users to send their favorite creators a monthly donation that would go towards funding the content they enjoy. Super Chat has also been an immensely popular feature that was undoubtedly inspired by Twitch, and it allows YouTubers to livestream their content and have users utilize the super chat option to have their message appear more prominently in the barrage that is livestream comments sections. This has purportedly allowed some creators to earn up to $400 a minute while their stream was live.

A new feature that is coming to YouTube is designed to be a double edged sword, both maximizing the options users have while interacting during live streams as well as giving YouTubers a new earning opportunities as well. This new feature is called Super Stickers and it is a part of livestream chats. These stickers are similar to stickers you find on other social media platforms, and they will be available to buy for prices that range from a dollar to fifty dollars.

Basically each time a YouTuber gets such a sticker in their livestream comment section, they would get paid. This will give more earning opportunities to YouTubers that are trying to make a living by creating content on this platform that they are currently working on.

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