LinkedIn Finally Rolls Out 'Open For Business' Feature For All Users Globally

When you think about LinkedIn you are probably going to end up thinking about the various people that use this platform for the main purpose of trying to get jobs that they would be able to earn a regular income from, the type of thing that could potentially allow them to really change the way that they live their lives. However, LinkedIn is not just for people that are trying to find employment, it is also for people that own and operate their own small businesses and over the past few years the social media platform has been trying to broaden its horizons by turning itself into a much better platform for small businesses in general.
With the world's largest professional network, make sure your business can be found.
This can be seen in particular with the launch of LinkedIn’s new tool, the Open for Business feature that was initially announced back in July, has now just rolled out worldwide. This new feature is basically going to allow small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to update their information and make it so that anyone that is checking their profiles would be able to peruse a list of the products and services that they provide, thereby making it possible for these businesses to get some customers through social media outreach.
"Today we launch a new product dedicated specifically to business owners and freelancers all over the world: Open for Business. This new feature will enable you to showcase the services you provide on your profile, so that you and your business can be found in search on LinkedIn. From there, potential new clients can reach out to you for free — it's as easy as that.", explained LinkedIn's spokesperson in an email to Digital Information World. Adding further, "This feature is currently available on our mobile app and desktop."
LinkedIn has become quite a contender in the world of social media over the course of the past few years, and in order to truly compete with the likes of Facebook it will have to give small businesses a comparable advantage when they create profiles on the platform. This is going to diversify the platform’s reach and will also make it more likely that a lot more businesses are going to end up looking into what the platform is trying to offer them. The launch of this new feature is also going to make LinkedIn come across as a much more small business friendly platform than it might have appeared to be before.

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