Facebook’s New Aim of Reducing Misinformation on the Social Network, the Upcoming Election Might be saved from Interference

Previously, Facebook was accused of not running fact-checker on the political content stating that people take-in information differently from one another. This reason given by Facebook was in no way acceptable at that time.

Since 2020 Presidential elections in the U.S. are just around the corner, Facebook needed to play an essential role to control the spread of misinformation on the platform. To prove its responsibility, Facebook recently introduced some new policy changes along with some tools to protect the spread of misinformation.

Facebook is clearly labeling the posts with misinformation as false posts to let the users know if the content they are consuming is actually true or not. Apart from it, Facebook removed four networks of accounts from Russia and Iran that were closely following U.S. news.

Here is a sneak peek of the changes that Facebook recently made:

The tech giant will now provide security to the accounts of the candidates through Facebook Protect.

If there is a Facebook page then the owner or creator will have to add their information in it under the new tab “Organizations That Manage This Page”. Under this new tab, the owner will have to add their website, city, legal name, and phone number.

Facebook will label the editors under the control of the state as “state-controlled media”.

Facebook will let the users know about the spending of the U.S. presidential candidates including some basic information about them.

Facebook will place a false label on the photos and videos that contain misinformation in it. Moreover, an explanation will also be provided to the users by directing them to the link by fact-checker. This new feature will be available on both Facebook and Instagram.

All those advertisements that encourage people to not vote will be banned.

Media literacy will be paid much attention with the platform investing around 2 million dollars on the training projects to ensure misinformation is controlled effectively.

With several new tools and features, Facebook might be able to control the spread of misinformation on the platform.

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