Donald Trump Invests more than $1 million on Facebook ads, highlighting misinformation and false claims

Elections are around the corner and politicians are going crazy over reaching out to people. Donald Trump has invested around $1 million on Facebook ads to send messages to people. One thing troubling other politicians and analysts is that the ads include false information or claims.

According to BusinessInsider, One of the ads showed the message that Joe Biden is a b**ch. The ad was banned by Facebook as it violated Facebook policies on profanity. However, other ads by Trump that include false information are all over Facebook.

One of the policy by Facebook states that if a claim is debunked by a third-party fact-checker or by organizations then the ad is not posted on Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook executive revealed that Facebook does not allow third-party fact-checking on the ads from politicians.

The hypocrisy here is quite evident!

Elizabeth Warren has pointed out a secret meeting between Mark Zuckerberg and Trump might have led Facebook to make changes in their misinformation policies. The timings of these changes appear to be suspicious!

Since Trump is investing so much in Facebook ads, how can Facebook allows such a big loss only because the information in the ad is false? Huh, how can Facebook be so sensible?

Besides a clear change in the policy manual, where “misinformation and false content” is replaced by “misinformation”, Facebook is implying that there has been no change in the policies. Facebook also moved this section of the policies to Section 31 and 32 under “Misleading Claims” and “Unacceptable Business Practices” title.

Facebook calls these changes transparency at its end, however, not everyone is satisfied with this part of their story. As long as the elections are over the head and Trump investing millions on Facebook ads, Facebook’s policies will be continued to be scrutinized.

Facebook is also not effectively handling political speech on Facebook, which accounts for more complexities. Let’s see how Facebook will handle the problem at hand!

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