Celebrities and Influencers can now interact with more fans as Google introduces Cameos on Android

Back in time people could only see or listen to celebrities through TV or radio. With time magazines and newspapers made celebrities a little more accessible by giving news about their lives and activities.

With the advancement of internet, celebrities are becoming more interactive with their fans. As Taylor Swift and Daniel Tosh are often found responding to their fans on Twitter and several influencers and creators are seen cooking and doing live Q&A session over YouTube.

Google is making this communication a little easier by introducing Cameos app on Android where celebrities can respond to popular questions from fans through short video clips.

In 2018 Google launched Cameos app for iOS that allowed celebrities to respond to the most asked questions about them. The app is especially designed for film stars and musicians while it has a little or no use for common people.

Questions are fed into it after which celebrities answer the popular questions on Google about them and then post answers to those questions directly on Google. Now when anyone look for those questions, they will get the response directly from the celebrity in search results.

The Cameos app is for the people who have a fan base and are followed by masses. However, it can also be used by the people who represent celebrities, like their personal assistants. The app only demands name and relationship if a person is representing anyone else, email address and phone number.

The questions asked can be personal as well as about experiences and random views. Like fans may ask about the personal life, events, history etc.

The response to those questions will appear in Google search results and also in the Feed of fans.

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