Amazon teams up with Facebook and Microsoft against Deepfakes

Deepfakes are becoming a major problem in the digital world, where the ‘bad actors’ are making use of technology to distribute hoaxes and fake news. Luckily, tech companies are not ignoring the issue and are putting in their efforts to identify manipulated content.

Just today, Amazon announced that it would be joining the “DeepFake Detection challenge (DFDC)”, which is driven by its counterparts such as Facebook and Microsoft with the aim to minimize ‘deepfakes.’

Amazon also said to contribute $1 million in AWS credits over the next two years for the research of the program. Additionally, the company will aid the researchers with their Machine learning solutions lab as well.

Facebook announced the DeepFake Detection challenge program in September. Initially, the program included Microsoft and Facebook along with several academic institutes such as Cornell Tech, MIT, and the University of Oxford. Initially, the partners pledged $10 million and released a dataset of 5,000 videos to help the researchers created detection tools. The full dataset will also be released in December.

Last month, Google also released a set of deepfake videos to help the researchers in their study. Twitter also announced their plans to eliminate fake content from their newsfeed.

Despite their rivalry, it certainly is good to see the tech fraternity coming together to solve the impending issue. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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