Changes Coming to Facebook Might Drop Organic Impressions

If you are a social media manager, you are probably in for a rough time. This is because of the fact that Facebook is changing the way that it calculates impression metrics, something that will cause a serious drop in the number of organic impressions that your posts end up getting, revealed Matt Navarra. Organic impressions are a big part of what makes your posts successful, and can sometimes mean the difference between a marketing campaign that reaches the right people or fails to do so.

While the impact of this particular change is not going to be quite as significant as what we have seen before on Facebook, especially with what we saw during January of 2018 when there was essentially a paradigm shift that occurred which changed the way a lot of social media marketers approached their jobs, it is still going to be something that most people will have to contend with if they make posts on various pages that they manage.

However, it is important to note that this might actually do a lot to improve the metrics that you get in the long run. This is because of the fact organic impressions are essentially going to drop because Facebook is going to become a little more proactive about filtering out repeat impressions.

The manner in which they are doing this involves shortening the period of time that they take before they go through the filtering process. What this means is that your actual impressions aren’t dropping, much on the contrary what is happening is that you are getting a more realistic representation of how far your post has spread.

That being said, in the numbers driven world that we live in today social media managers might be irked by the fact that they won’t have beefed up numbers that they would be able to show to their bosses.

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