Renowned Coder Jane Manchun Wong Praised by Facebook Employees for Keeping a Sharp Eye on the Company's Ongoing Projects!

If you are an avid follower of tech and social media news, chances are that you are already familiar with Jane Manchun Wong. She is a 25-year-old software engineer from Honk Kong. She has made it her responsibility to inspect the code every time an App on her phone gets updated. If she spots a new feature after reverse engineering the code and there isn’t any security vulnerability, she tweets about it.

Uncovering the features before they are announced has made Wong quite famous on Twitter. Among the thousands of people that follow her on the microblogging platform, the two that stand-out are Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) and Andrew “Boz” Bosworth (Head of Facebook’s hardware initiatives).

Moreover, an Instagram data scientist who goes by the name Colin Higgins praised Wong’s work and said that she is a better source of information regarding the ongoing developments at the company than its own team that is responsible for internal communications.

According to Wong, she finds a bunch of new features every day. She has posted about the upcoming features of Apps like Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and Uber this week. However, a big chunk of her followers turn to her for finding out the unreleased features of Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this year, she spotted a huge Instagram change before the company announced it. The change we are referring to is Instagram testing hiding like counts from users. Wong’s Tweet went viral and then 12 days later at Facebook’s F8 conference, Mosseri confirmed the news as true.

Wong learned the art of coding through books and guides available on the internet. It should be made clear that she spots and posts about new features as it’s her hobby, not a full-time job. However, she does make a few hundred dollars every time she spots and posts about a security vulnerability. She said that posting about a feature before its launch can give the developers an idea about how people perceive it.

She hopes that her discoveries become a good example of her software engineering skills. Wong has also expressed interest in working at a Tech company like Facebook and experiencing what it is like to be a member of the team that develops the features discovered by her.

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