An Example of how Instagram is Taking Proactive Measures to Help users with Mental Health Problems

Over the last 8-10 years, Social Media has become larger than life. Several platforms and networks are now available such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the rise of Social Media, people have started posting about their daily routines, how they are feeling, what they are doing etc. on these platforms.

However, as we all know that live isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are times when we feel down and discouraged. Instead of sharing feelings with a friend or family member, most people today, including highly followed influencers, prefer posting about their moods on Social Media apps.

Let’s come to the Social Media Giants for a moment. Services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. have become so big that many brands and advertising agencies have started promoting their products and services on these platforms, mainly through the influencers. This fact makes it important for these Social Media companies to regulate the content posted by their users.

In case something controversial gets posted that might harm the reputation of the platform on which the content is posted and/or the brands they are associated with, sponsors are likely to pull the plug on any kind of partnership, no matter how successful it turned out to be.

To regulate the content, almost all established Social Media Companies proactively monitor the stuff that gets posted. In addition to that, they also encourage users to report anything that they believe can have catastrophic effects or is unacceptable such as harassment, bullying, implication of violence, implication of depression and suicide etc.

A timely action can help Platforms in saving their reputations and at the same time protecting people from doing something questionable or dangerous.

An example of the above mentioned points recently surfaced on Reddit when a user (who goes by the username, iamnotapopstar) posted that Instagram reached out to him and offered help as apparently one (or a number) of his followers reported to Instagram about him needing support due to going through a hard time presumably.

Here's How Facebook is Taking Proactive Measures to Help Instagram users with Mental Health Problems
Screenshot: Iamnotapopstar / Reddit

The user also mentioned how he had been receiving such messages from Instagram daily and was also concerned about these “reports” affecting his reach.

When we dived into the comments section, it was revealed by people that due to him posting suicidal, depressing and self-harming stuff, someone thought that he might be in need of help. The thread also included comments from users who had experienced something similar. Some of those got the notice after posting something concerning while others got it just because their followers were concerned due to their sudden inactiveness.

It is also worth mentioning that users running mental health pages might be at risk of receiving such notices frequently. Additionally, a crackdown was initiated not too long ago against posts glorifying suicide, self-harm etc.

The consequences of such reports can lead to the affected user getting shadowbanned for 2 weeks. A shadowban is an influencer’s worst nightmare as it directly impacts the reach, causing a sudden decrease in engagement.

Thus, it’s advised that you take extra care while posting something on Social Media as content monitoring has never been stricter. In addition to that, you should never hesitate in asking for support or help if you ever need it.

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