The 3 new features Twitter is quietly testing, including Integration of Alt Text

Recently, tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong uncovered some features that Twitter has been playing around with discreetly. These include:

Option to reveal hidden replies

Twitter gives users the ability to ‘hide replies’ that are responded to their tweets. Well, soon the users can see the ‘hidden replies’ by clicking on the option to reveal these tweets.

According to the screenshot shared by Wong, the option to show ‘hidden’ comments will appear below the ‘delete tweet’ option.

Language preferences

Another feature hinted by Wong is the availability of different languages for recommended tweets only. Jane Manchun Wong’s tweet shows the ‘content preference’ settings option where the user can select the language they prefer for their recommended tweets.

Besides English, the available languages are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Amharic.

The micro-blogging site boasts around 134 million daily users from all over the world. Having access to their native language or the language they prefer will enhance their experience on the platform.

Integration of Alternative Descriptions

Alt Text or Alt descriptions are an attribute provided to image tags as a text alternative for search engines. Hence, to enhance their visibility.

Twitter is also implementing the Alt text feature to their image editors with the aim to increase accessibility. According to the screenshot shared by Wong, Twitter claims that the Alt text will ensure the images reach a wider audience.

Tech companies consistently test out new features to make their platforms more appealing and user-friendly for their member base. Many of them pass the ‘testing phase’ successfully and manage to reach our respective networks while several others are shelved for good.

The above-mentioned features are currently also under test mode. Stay tuned with us for more updates and do let us know in the comments section below the feature you are anticipating the most.

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Featured Photo: Sara Kurfe
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