Instagram to Introduce New Set of Tools to Fight Against Bullying

Facebook is developing better tools to deal with online bullying on its platforms. At the F8 conference held yesterday, the company talked about introducing features like nudges, which will warn users whenever they make an aggressive/abusive comment, suggesting to tone it down a little, as recently spotted by Jane Manchun Wong.

An 'Away Mode' will also be introduced on the platform, which users can opt whenever they are having a hard time or going through a sensitive period, like a breakup or changing school.

The purpose of these new tools is to make the platform safe, secure and welcoming.
"One of the issues that we hear about time and time again that people really care about is the issue of bullying. Bully disproportionately affects young people, it doesn't only affect the target it affects the people around them and so what we aspire to do — and this will take years I want to be clear — is to lead the fight against online bullying.", said Adam Mosseri at #F82019.
Instagram has already been introducing different ways to tackle bullying. Previously it tried to filter out harassing comments, and machine learning was used to identify bullying in pictures.

This seems to be a continuous struggle and according to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, tools planned by the platform might take years to be established properly.

Instagram will soon introduce more tools to combat bullying on its social network

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