Adam Mosseri reacts to the criticism thrown at Instagram

Instagram’s boss Adam Mosseri commented to the BBC Newsbeat that online bullying is a problematic issue but there is no way to solve it on its own. He claims that the purpose of the social media platform is not to make the users depressed but they can’t stop others for saying nasty things.

During the interview, Adam Mosseri also commented on Selena Gomez’s recent comment on how Instagram makes her feel depressed. She has also criticized the app’s regulation policy and the ways they deal with content like self-harm and nudity.

In his response, Mosseri says that bullying is a common issue that has now evolved with the internet. He also claims that the issue is not limited to just Instagram but they do take responsibility for what appears on their platform.

Earlier this year, Adam Mosseri met with the government authorities to discuss safety and security protocols on Instagram. They also agreed to succumb heavy fines for any misdemeanor occurring on their platform.

Instagram boss also agreed that the overall regulation of social media platforms is needed. He says that the company tries to address any raised issues as soon as possible. However, they make some content like self-harm a priority and try to remove them faster.

Speaking on the criticism received from Selena Gomez, the Instagram boss said that she is one of the most followed people in the world with 100m followers. Hearing her feel disappointed with Instagram comes as a surprise since her experience differs drastically with the average user might have.

Nevertheless, the company ensures that all their users have a positive experience with the app. especially the creators like Selena Gomez get better value out of the platform.

The company is also planning to introduce new ways the users can report or block bullies without escalating the situation in real life. Plans for adding a feature that would alert users know that they are posting something offensive is also underway.

Adam Mosseri says that Instagram has been part of the tech industry for nine years. During this time, they have seen a lot of positives and negatives of connecting people. Although there focus always remained on good features, they do try to identify the bad also.

He even agreed to meet up with Selena Gomez and hear her views on how they can improve their platform. He and the other workers at Instagram are always open to criticism and would love to hear the problems faced by the celebrity so they can make amendments.

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