Advertising execs issue a warning to Facebook and Google – says they will take their business somewhere else

This year, executives from the world’s biggest brands and ad agencies met at the French Riviera for their annual Cannes Lions advertising festival. Here, the two tech giants – Facebook and Google faced a lot of scrutiny from the digital advertising circle.

Government officials from all over the world have been holding the two giants accountable for playing with user’s personal data for some time now. According to the team of execs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are creating standards for what is considered appropriate content on its platform. The companies are also not doing much to prevent offensive and inappropriate content from appearing on their networks.

These responses came after Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., proposes new legislation that would remove the tech companies from any liability regarding the content that appears on their platform.

Advertising agencies claim that the companies they work with are hesitant about the platform used for marketing their product/services. They want to ensure that all advertising is done on a brand-safe platform.

The Chief brand officer of Proctor & Gamble also commented that the tech platforms should control the terrorist content that appears on these services.

CEO of IPG claimed that if these platforms didn’t change their policy, they would take their business elsewhere. He says that everyone is concerned regarding the government regulations but if the content on these platforms are not regulated soon enough, the brands will reduce their spending with them.

The other agency executives also agreed that they would have to start moving their feet if things didn’t get better. In fact, many of them said that there are many other ad-options available including those on Amazon, Snap, and Hulu.

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Hat Tip: CNBC.
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